Inform but don't incite.

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G'day, folks  

Inform but don't incite.” Advice I received a long time ago, from an Internet lawyer. Advice to which I have tried to adhere on this website.

You won't find photographs depicting naked flesh, except where they illustrate something I have put in the text. Nor will you find photographs or video of cane marks or canings.

On reflection I might have used the domain name perthcaning but spanking seems to be the generic name applied to all forms of 'corporal encounter'. And, I think, spanking is the more likely search term.
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  I do occasionally administer canings, but I much prefer to provide the facilities for you to do-it-yourself with your partner. Caning is, if we're honest, a form of sexual foreplay. I have no desire for, nor need of, any form of sexual involvement with anybody I might meet through this website.

'Australia' could be the only word that rhymes with 'failure' but us Aussies don't (yet!?) have to contend with the absurdity that applies beyond our shores. See, in dismay,

Scattered through the text of this page you will find thumbnail-links to photographs of what I can, circumstances permitting, make available on almost a 24/7 basis.

This website is to pass on whatever I may have learned since in 1996 I went searching for discipline-quality rattan.

  Any photographs linked on this site are mine but I claim no copyright. If you have a use for any photograph then feel free to take it. No need to seek my permission.

A lot has changed since 1996. I still make canes, whenever I can afford to buy the raw materials. And whenever a persistent tendon injury to the thumb of my right hand goes into remission.

Some things appear unchangable. Obtaining discipline-quality rattan in Perth Western Australia is like looking for rocking-horse excreta; very little, if any, to be found. Importing rattan of discipline grade from nearby Indonesia, the home of rattan, has proven to be difficult, expensive, and disappointing.

Which possibly accounts for the rise in popularity of the synthetics - lexan, delrin, nylon, teflon, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWP).

Production using the synthetics involves little more than cutting to length and rounding the 'business end' into a hemispherical dome.

Synthetics are unbreakable, easily maintained and cleaned, and can be made as short as 50 centimetre ( 20 inch ) due to their densities being many times greater ( 13x in the case of teflon ) than rattan.


"In Perth there lives a lass
who likes lexan on her arse ['ass'].
Whenever she hears
the swish of the plastic
she shouts "That's friggin' fantastic!"

I can supply rattan canes, using the best 'furniture grade' obtainable from Australia-based suppliers, but I regard canes made from such material as entirely consumable. Their longevity is unpredictable.

Any canes I am able to make are available at cost-of-materials plus postage where applicable. Canes can be collected from our suburban home.

I make only straight canes, from round rod. By the time the raw rattan reaches me it is too well-seasoned to withstand 'crooking'. And I don't have the pressurised steam facilities to properly bend rattan.

Bottom-Liner, in Perth, Western Australia

Phone (mobile): 0400 955 199


Due to implications of the Australian Data-retention Legislation that comes into effect on 13th October 2015 the Canestrokes mailing list has been de-commissioned.

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